Producer Responsibility Organisation

The Department of Forestry, Fisheries, and the Environment has introduced mandatory Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations to reduce the environmental impact of waste materials. The regulations aim to drive the collection, sortation, and recycling of waste materials, promote design for recyclability, and involve all relevant stakeholders in the recycling process. Producers are required to pay a fee for the waste materials they put out into the market. The regulations cover packaging, lighting, and electronic equipment, and require collection to meet recycling targets. The Consumer Goods Council of South Africa (CGCSA) is well positioned to act as the Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) to ensure members work together to reduce environmental impact and advocate for necessary changes in the regulations.


  • Support/implement EPR regulation targets
  • Support and ensure Clean/litter free Environment
  • Create inclusive Jobs
  • Support local and international development goals (NDP and SDGs)
  • Encourage Circular Economy

Services We Offer:

  • Collection and recycling of products and packaging material
  • Public education and awareness campaigns
  • Extended Producer Responsibility compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Stakeholder engagement (Collaboration for impact)

The CGCSA is registered as a PRO for:

  • Paper and packaging sector (Metals, Glass, Plastics)
  • Lighting sector
  • Electric/electronic waste sector

CGCSA PRO is open for registration join us as a member

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Our EPR Registration numbers 

​19/7/5/P/PRO/20231204/051: Paper and Packaging Sector (Metal, Glass, Plastic)
19/7/6/E/PRO/20231204/050: Electrical and Electronic Equipment Sector
19/7/7/L/PRO/20231204/049: Lighting Sector