The Consumer Goods Council of South Africa (CGCSA) is an industry body through which retailers and manufacturers collaborate on non-competitive matters. The CGCSA is a Not-For-Profit Organisation, representing close to 9 000 members companies within the (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) FMCG and Healthcare sector.

Part of our mandate is to assist members in complying with regulations as well as the adoption and successful implementation of industry standards and best practices. The consumer goods, and specifically the Food & Agro processing industry, is a ‘new’ niche market for the participation of black entrepreneurs and small & medium enterprises. It is also recognised as a growth sector through government national plans. Various reasons contribute to start-up businesses not succeeding in this sector, these include the following:

Limited access to key knowledge / Information

Difficulty in understanding and accessing various certifications, management standards and legislation that manufacturers need to comply with (i.e. food safety, quality, nutrition labelling regulations and track and trace);

Limited access to market as retailers & manufactures require suppliers that comply to the above-mentioned regulations to ensure consumers have access to safe, quality and nutritious food products

Lack of guidance on key aspects of the readiness requirements for products and/or services listings at retailers/wholesalers.

While many retailers and manufacturers have Supplier and Enterprise Development Programmes (SED), the call by government to source from black suppliers has a huge impact on the industry.

This is because many of the black SMMEs on these SED programmes are not sustainable and require additional capacity building. Furthermore, SED programmes only incubate a set number per company. This results in a perception that industry is not responding effectively to the call for transformation.

We believe we can assist in addressing some of the above-mentioned challenges, as well as support existing SED Programme beneficiaries that government, retailer and manufacturer stakeholders have in place through the CGCSA SMME Business Development Programme

This programme will provide SMME participants with an understanding of the legal framework that governs the consumer goods sector from product development to consumer level. It will assist them with the tools required to achieve quality, food safety, labelling, global product identification and traceability. It will also create a digital footprint and compliance, as they progress through the phases of the programme.

This programme will ultimately allow SMME’s to create business links with other stakeholders in the industry. This will be a nationwide programme giving opportunities to SMMEs located in rural areas and may be provided online where necessary.

For the purpose of this programme, an SMME is any company with a turnover less than 5 million rands. Businesses over this turnover are welcome to contact the CGCSA for membership, which offers the same services, although not on a capacity building level. Contact for membership


Programme Benefits

By the end of the programme participants will have an understanding and knowledge of
the following:

Food Safety Initiative Offerings:

  • Food Control: Regulations, Standards & Specifications (Regional & Global)
  • Food Safety, Quality & Nutrition Compliance
  • General Labelling Compliance
  • Food Safety Management System (incl. GFSI Global Capacity Programme)
  • Food Hygiene and Handling

GS1 Service Offering:

  • Issue Unique, Globally Recognised GS1 Barcodes
  • GS1 Activate – Barcode Management & barcode Image Design
  • GS1 barcode verification reports
  • GDSN item measurement & product Data verification
  • GDSN enriched product data management (product images, ingredients, allergens, logistical information)
  • GDSN electronic product listing into retail, wholesale
  • GS1 digital link: creating a digital link for products online
  • GS1 training & consultation
  • Access to GS1 alliance partners such as printers, designers, packaging solutions and more…
  • Traceability services and audits
  • Industry committees (product specific)

Practical Workshop:

  • Group discussions
  • Presentations of business product/service with feedback from participants – share best practices
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Discussion of photos, Labels & Regulations
  • Case studies and sample procedure writing/compilation
  • Practical exercises
  • Assessments

Workshop Participation Outcomes:

  • Printed Legislation (Product specific)
  • Final Label Evaluation
  • Food Safety Compliance filled checklist – utilising GFSI GMCBP checklist
  • Retail/market ready GS1 barcoding and packaging analysis (weight, height, depth)
  • Digital Product DNA
  • Accurate, scannable barcodes first time every time
  • Traceability Compliance
  • Speed to market: Electronic Retailer listings
  • Recommendations for further business intervention needed (certification, packaging design, facilities, testing)

You are required to do a business assessment that will evaluate and give us a visual and detailed view of your business that will enables us to drive the improvements to your business awareness and capabilities concerning ‘retail readiness’ after the CGCSA ‘Certificate of Recognition’ has been achieved. This assessment will give guidance for the SMME on the member package that will be suitable in order for the them to join the program.


  • Should a need arise by the SMME, CGCSA SMME Programme will support or recommend
    relevant and credible Food Safety Management Training and similar types of Training through CGCSA Partners such as OHSA , HACCP and similar type bodies.
  • We will through our various partnerships and alliances assist SMME’s to access the support of solution providers and service providers to further compliance achievement for SMME product development. CGCSA SMME Programme will support/ refer/recommend relevant and credible technical support or training such as Food Safety Management, Occupational Health and Safety Training, certification.


You can contact us by sending any queries to :

Telephone : 0117773300