Stage 1:    The food waste declaration
Stage 2:    Sign up to the food waste voluntary agreement

Join the growing network of businesses and organisations committed to working together to reduce food waste in South Africa.  You can sign up as a core or associate signatory.

Core Signatory:
You are a food or drink business involved in the production [including agriculture and fisheries], processing/ manufacturing, grocery wholesale or retail, or a food service or hospitality business in South Africa.  Small through to large operations are welcome.

Associate signatory
you work with or provide support to the South African food sector to reduce their food waste e.g. a government department, city or municipality, trade association, NGO or food redistribution charity, food waste solution or waste management providers.

What are the benefits of being a signatory?

By working collaboratively with other businesses and stakeholders within South Africa’s food sector, signatories can benefit from collective learning on how to tackle food waste, informed by best practice and linked to South Africa’s commitments under SDG 12.3. Businesses will gain further value from membership through:

Free services for non CGCSA members

  • Access to the latest insights from research and innovation to address food waste, to consumer food waste insights and the opportunity to participate in consumer campaigns;
  • Training in food waste measurement and reporting that is consistent with World Resources Institute protocol requirements;
  • Access to the web-based Signatory Hub used to support reporting;
  • Opportunity to join the Steering Group in order to provide input to priorities and support the VA’s good governance;
  • Opportunity to work alongside other businesses, Government departments and technical experts in the applied working groups that are central to the VA’s delivery work (e.g. food surplus, nutrition and redistribution, reporting and evaluation, food retail and wholesale markets, whole chain);
  • Opportunity to support the work of the innovation challenge fund and to access the network of technical support;
  • Technical support and advice on food waste reduction strategies, hotspot analysis and reporting;
  • Early access to tools, market assessments guidance and case studies, signatory webinars;
  • Attendance at VA-supported events, annual signatory only workshops to share best practice, will be key to upskilling and engaging your wider internal teams;
  • Regular media and publicity relating to VA achievements and progress;
  • Use of the VA logo as a public sign of your commitment to providing leadership on this important issue.

Download and submit your letter of commitment

Following completion of your letter, please have it signed by the CEO or equivalent in your business or organisation.
Once signed, email it together with your company logo to the Food Safety Initiative of the CGCSA at fsiservices@cgcsa.co.za

Once your letter of commitment has been received, we’ll be in touch regarding the next steps, access to information, joining working groups and public announcements.