The Food Safety Initiative (FSI) is one of the three divisions of the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa (CGCSA), with a clear mandate in advocating sustainable initiatives, forums, projects and/or programmes within the precincts of Food Safety, Nutrition, Regulatory and related matters for the Consumer Goods and Retail industries.

We collaborate closely with relevant national authorities, stakeholders and experts in order to provide objective, independent scientific advice, as well as assistance in terms of related legislation.

The FSI is facilitating the CGCSA-GFSI Global Markets Programme for small, medium, large and/or less-developed companies. This programme will help suppliers improve food safety management through a continuous improvement process.

We are also driving the development of plans towards achieving the Healthy Food Options Voluntary Industry Initiatives. These initiatives are aimed at supporting efforts by the Department of Health to curb the rise of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), in line with the National Strategic Plan for the Prevention and Control of NCDs.


The vision of the Food Safety initiative is to be the leading platform for engagement on food safety, nutrition and related regulatory matters in Southern Africa.


The FSI is dedicated to promoting the safety, responsible manufacturing, importation, marketing and selling of food and non-alcoholic beverages by providing guidance and expert advice to help our members comply with existing legislation, while actively engaging with regulators and other key stakeholders in order to influence legislation.

FSI’s core faculties centres on Food Safety, Food Legislation and Nutrition. Our governance of these faculties operates and entertain matters, which are non-competitive in nature; and as such focus on:

  • communications regarding national and international food alerts;
  • member guidance to assist in ensuring compliance to existing regulations and related matters;
  • custodianship of the CGCSA-GFSI Global Markets Programme, which the first step towards a single food safety audit system in South Africa;
  • thought leadership on matters affecting the Industry;
  • platforms for engagement between members, policymakers and other relevant stakeholders in order to debate legislation and its impact.


Frequent engagement takes place between FSI and the Departments of Health, Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Trade & Industry, the South African Bureau of Standards and the National Regulator of Compulsory Specifications.

  • Food safety
  • Food Legislation
  • Nutrition


  • Provide a neutral platform for engagement on matters within our focus area that are of a non-competitive nature;
  • Represent our members as a trusted spokesperson for the Industry;
  • Facilitate Industry initiatives
  • Provide specialised services to assist with compliance to existing legislation;
  • Increase the CGCSA-FSI footprint within South Africa.


Should you wish to get involved, please contact Linda Brink by mail on fsiservices@cgcsa.co.za