With aggravated robberies becoming a common national threat, the Jewellery industry has become the target of violent crime. This has called for better co-operation between jewellers and the government, and a higher level of commitment and co–ordination by the business sector – so that the jewellery and Diamond Dealers fraternity can support the government in efforts to stem this tide of crime.

Because the SAPS prefer to work with one central representing entity – rather than individual businesses – the JCCRI acts as a single voice for the industry in liaising with SAPS. Crime is one of the main factors negatively impacting on the country ́s growth. And this initiative recognises and accepts the responsibility to play a significant part in fostering and growing social capital.


This initiative is designed to form effective partnerships between retailers, management, and government in order to face the challenge of violent crime. It is further designed to enable the sharing of information and services amongst Jewellery Council and Diamond Dealers members and other role players and stakeholders.

Through this initiative, we must build common purpose and structures, and allocate resources through the collective actions of all role players. The initiative seeks to build co–operation and reduce vulnerabilities, to reduce the risks faced by thejewellery and Diamond Dealers fraternity.

The current agreed deliverables and main focus of the initiative is based on violent crime, including robberies, burglaries and cash in transit robberies. The jewellery fraternity is not, however, limited to violent crime. More prevalent incidents include:

  • Shoplifting
  • Scams
  • Theft