Illicit trade is one of the biggest threats to economic order and growth in South Africa. This threat affects various industries which includes but is not limited to Alcohol, Cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, food and Apparel. Illicit trade and counterfeiting of goods robs the fiscus of taxes and in so doing impairs the government ability to serve the citizens of South Africa effectively. Counterfeit food also poses a health risk to the consumer as the contents of these products are unknown and not verified.


In efforts to #StopIllicitTrade, we have launched a toll-free hotline which the public can use to anonymously report information related to illicit trade and the counterfeiting of products such as alcohol, cigarettes, food, pharmaceuticals and clothing. The purpose of reporting this information is to assist law enforcement mitigate and addressing the threat.


Dial 0800 014 856 between 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday or leave a message on the automated service after 5 pm daily and on weekends and public holidays. Calls to the hotline is free and anonymous. Information shared will be treated in confidence and once verified it will be shared with SAPS and SARS and all other relevant law enforcement agencies for utilisation. #StopIllicitTrade.