The CGCRI ́s mission is to assist retailers by identifying and mitigating the impact of crime within the FMCG industry. In 2004, we identified the need to control merchandiser ́s access to stores via the back entrance. So, with the support of retailers and third party service providers, we initiated the ID card access control system to assist with the visible identification of service providers


Through this industry initiative, service providers can only enter through the staff security door of stores with an ID card that has a valid ERS number endorsed by the CGCSA. This includes service providers in sales and merchandising companies, promoters, security and cleaners.



The Employers Reference Site (ERS) – a centralised database that contains factual, non-discriminatory information about employment history – is a great tool for employers. It allows you to check an applicant ́s employment history, and identify previous places of employment they might have left out from their CV. In this way, you can check all of their references, and avoid making employment decisions without having all the information

By virtue of both common law and legislation, an employer is entitled to all the facts about the previous employment of candidates they interview. That is why the CGCRI developed this centralised industry database, promoting safe and secure working environments and advocating the screening of employees. With more than 340 000 records, the system is also a useful tool for identifying workforce movement trends within the FMCG industry.


All CGCRI members have access to the ERS database through a unique usernameand password, and can easily verify work history within the industry.

An ERS number is issued to all potential employees that have been referenced, and is reflected on the Access Control ID Card. If the work history of the employee is available, the reference number will start with ́P ́, and if not, with ́N ́

When an employee has left the employ of a member company, you can let us know by sending an email to

You can also request a username and password by emailing