The Consumer Goods Crime Risk Initiative aims to help the industry reduce and mitigate the impact of crime across the retail industry.

The CGCSA Crime Risk Initiative (the CGCRI) was established in 2002 as an industry-wide collaborative mechanism focused on preventing and mitigating significant crime risks to the consumer goods/retail industry.


Whilst the CGCRI mandate extends across the retail value chain (Manufacturing, Transport and Retail), our core members comprise the major retailers: Massmart, Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Woolworths, SPAR including the clothing/ apparel industry: TFG, EDCON, MR PRICE, PEP and AVI. The footprint has also expanded into the furniture industry with us signing up Fair Price Furniture. We also cover the shopping centre environment as well as specific components of the retail industry, such as the Jewellery industry and the Diamond Dealers Club.


  • Crime is a non-competitive issue and therefore there should be open sharing of information, challenges and insights between participants;
  • The partnership in fighting crime is underpinned by the fundamental core values of mutual trust and respect, integrity, empathy, delivering real value and making a fundamental difference
  • Whilst companies deploy both unilateral and bilateral steps to combat crime in their operations, ultimate success in the fight against crime requires a coordinated approach across the industry;
  • Acknowledgement of the criticality of the Criminal Justice System (CJS) and intent to enhance cooperation with the various departments and law enforcement agencies of the CJS;