“THEME “Is South Africa at a Tipping Point, how to grow business sustainably in an ever-changing environment”
Summit Agenda
6 November 2019
09:30 MC Remarks
09:40 CGCSA Co-Chairman Opening Remarks
10:00 Keynote Interview, “Is South Africa at a Tipping Point?”
11:00 Topic:
How does Artificial Intelligence (AI) build efficiencies and advance business?
11:20 Topic:
Bridging the Gap between business and government is key in response to the 4th industrial revolution.
11:30 Morning Networking and Refreshments
11:50 Topic:
Ethical leadership driving good business practices
12:20 Topic:
Building business models that deliver value for consumers aligned to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
12:50 Topic:
Driving innovation and change through collaboration: Building Global and Local Partnerships
13:20 Lunch Break and Networking
Breakaway Streams Industry X.0 (Room – Indigo)
Sponsored by Accenture
Driving Sustainability and Growth
(Room – Ebony)
Food and Nutrition
(Room – Aquamarine)
14:00 Topic:
Doing business with a technologically savvy consumer.
Re-skilling the workforces for the 4th industrial revolution
Industry’s move towards health, quality and safety for consumers
14:00 Topic:
Bridging blockchain: interoperability is essential to the future of data sharing.
SMME driving economic growth
Food waste… challenges and opportunities for emerging bio economy