Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB)

The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA), which was the only entity which regulates advertising in South Africa went into liquidation. The Notice of Liquidation followed a meeting of creditors during which the South African Revenue Service (SARS), the ASA’s main creditor, rejected ASA’s offer to the creditors, so triggering the liquidation process.

ASA former CEO and now ARB CEO, Gail Schimmel, promised that ASA members remained determined that the end of ASA will not mean the end of self-regulation of advertising content in South Africa, and a new advertising regulator was launched by marketing and advertising industries, the Advertising Regulatory Board.

For more information and for a copy of The Advertising Regulatory Board Code you can visit The Advertising Regulatory Board website on

Industry Waste Management Plans

Department of Environmental affairs minister issued a National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008 (Act No. 59 of 2008) Notice to the paper and packaging industry, Electrical and Electronic Industry and Lighting Industry to prepare and submit to the Minister Industry Waste Management Plans for Approval by 12 August 2016. After much dissatisfaction with the poor drafting of the notice was expressed by industry, it was withdrawn and notice 1011 was published calling for industry to make comments on the notice.

The CGCSA maintained its original position as outlined in the submission that the CGCSA members support the drive for sustainable waste management in South Africa. Members recognise the urgent need for a collective approach to be taken however still seek clarity on who falls under the scope of the notice. DEA clarified that all brand owners and retailers who import goods fall under the definition of Producer. CGCSA decided to leave plans to expertise of PRO’s. The PRO’s drafted a plan and submitted to DEA.

Submissions were made, but still awaiting further action from government. For a copy of the CGCSA’s detailed submission click the link

Plastic Waste Solution

Plastics SA presented to the industry a proposal to create a South African Alliance to end plastic waste pollution in the environment. The Alliance is going to combine both the New plastics economy and the Global Alliance commitments to make a national one that is suited for our country.

This is still awaiting further actions/agreements from the stakeholders to be decided at the next forum meeting (Date: TBA)

The Liquor Amendment Bill

The Draft Liquor Amendment Bill 2016 and the Final National Liquor Policy 2016 were published on the 30 September 2016.

The Final National Liquor Policy 2016 is for noting purposes and has been used as a reference in the drafting of the Draft Liquor Bill. There is a specific stress on the age limit of 21 years based on the research by the WHO.

The Draft Liquor Amendment Bill 2016 was open for comment before the 30 October 2016. The Bill aimed to amend the Liquor Act, 2003 with specific focus on the following:

  • to amend certain definitions;
  • to provide for the restriction of advertising of liquor or methylated spirits;
  • to provide for trading days and hours for the distribution and manufacturing of liquor or methylated spirits;
  • to prohibit the supply of liquor or methylated spirits to persons under the age of 21;
  • to provide for auxiliary conditions for granting of liquor license;
  • to provide for the prohibition of trading in liquor within certain radius;
  • to provide for the recognition and functions of persons designated as inspectors;
  • to provide for the repositioning of the National Liquor Authority as the Regulator;
  • to provide for establishment of an internal review mechanism;
  • to provide for proximity location for manufacturing and distribution of liquor;
  • to provide for the issuance of the BBBE level of compliance and guidelines for combating socioeconomic harms caused by liquor abuse;
  • to provide for certain new offences;
  • and to provide for matters related thereto.

The CGCSA provided comments on the Bill. The Bill was sent to NEDLAC, whereby CGCSA formed part of the task team. The final NEDLAC report was submitted to cabinet and await feedback.